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We are destroying the balance of our nature by brutally abusing 2 of the most vital kingdoms; our environment and the senseless torture of animals that we consume and mistreat with such horrendous cruelty.

When we set out to destroy what we think is separate from us, we in turn destroy ourselves.

Please visit the following websites to join me and countless others that show dire concern for these causes...


Fostering Lena in our home.

Charlies first day home from the pound!

My goal in the near future is to have a non-profit site dedicated to good people who save animals!

What goes along with that will be an educational forum on the very serious dangers of vaccines. Also, the nutritional values in supplements and the right food for our faithful companions.

My own personal choice is to live as close to a vegan lifestyle as possible.... but I also realize that dogs and kitties come from a long line of carnivores.

Please read Pat Mckays FREE e-books on her site www.patmckay.com

Everything you need to know in regard to drugs, dry food, and alternative healing is at this site.

Pat has invested over 30 years to animal homeopathy.

My happy helpers who attempted to find Lena a good home: Sue and Jodi can be found at www.peipeople.com.

Please be sure to stop by and see if your heart strings pull you into adopting one of their Pei's. I have found from my own personal experience that Pei's are such loyal companions. They rarely ever bark and when they give off a warning, it's always in this low lioness growl!

When we fostered Lena, we already had Chi Chi. And as you can see by this picture, Lena took charge of Chi!

Lena was so intelligent, but during play times, Chi was “a little” intimidated by her!

Lena was used for breeding and was held in a kennel cage for 4 years of her life. She had complete freedom in our home and was so happy and overjoyed to be with us.

She needed much more attention than I could have given her. So Pat Mckay came to the rescue!

She has had Lena ever since. She has supplied her with all the nutritional needs and has cured all her illnesses homeopathically..

So a few months later, we found Charlie at the San Bernardino Shelter.

She clung onto me for dear life. The rest is history.

Chi Chi and Charlie have been “soul sisters” ever since!

So the moral to this story is when you do right by animals,something inside goes very right with you!

You also have the opportunity to meet a whole lot of great people along the way!

Thanks again for your time and for visiting!

(Charlie naturally jumped on Bills back not even 2 days after having her! )