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Contemporary painter


My statement is relatively simple- enjoy what you do!

Art is truly in the eye of the beholder. What will you feel? What is the image telling you? A connection of colors,emotion and imagination all wandering throughout one canvas.

My titles alone say much more than I can... hints of comedic gesture, hints of wonder, hints of equality and peace. This is an ideal forum for art and to those who enjoy it.

In 2009, the quest for licensing many of my contemporary pieces began. So we will see what comes!

In the meantime, thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy what I presume is a wonderful bouquet of colors and imagination, called benanti.com

Other projects and personal history

The name Benanti came from Dianne's father, Salvatore Peter Benanti. He was born in Corona, New York. His ancestors came from Palermo, Sicily.

Her mother, Rosemary Cecile Sullivan, was born in Brighton, England. Her ancestors came from England and Ireland.

Dianne's parents met in New York. They married, and moved to Hollywood, California. They eventually settled in central Orange County, where Dianne was born. She was 19 when she moved herself to an ocean-front community called San Clemente.

This was around the time, as she puts it, "when music and art clicked its chord." Dianne painted quite a few pieces during that time, but she did not take her work too seriously. She was 22 years old.

A business venture led her out into the Palm Springs area in 1991. She had planned on staying for just a few years. This area is now called her home.

For several years, Dianne put her studies into the culinary, medicinal and cultivation of herbs. At 25, she opened up a little boutique on El Paseo called Herbal Gardens. She still loves the idea of a garden shop but at that particular time, it just wasn't feasible.

Dianne continued to work throughout the years on a children's concept called Paisley Dinosaur, which to this day, she still whole-heartedly believes in and continues to push it forward.

In her thirties, she produced her own designs for a children's/preteen apparel line that had a real surfy edge, and she called the line InSite. After many battles with trademarks and a major financial loss, she inevitably moved on.

In the late summer of 2003, fate seem to have taken its course through a well-known artist, K.D. Lang. Dianne mentions, "I' was listening to some music and noticed a great portrait of her on the cover of her C.D. I never attempted to do portraits but that day I was compelled to draw the image." With practice, it did not take Dianne long to fall deeply into charcoal. In 2004, she began a series of charcoal portraits. By 2005, with nearly 20 years passed, she started to paint again.

Dianne says, "Time seems to go by too quickly. But I believe when you just simply want to create, whether it be a song, or a painting; age defies time, and it becomes an endless journey. A journey that takes you to a place that defines you and then redefines you. And that's the beauty behind art and music- is its nature to consistently create and evolve, leaving perhaps, mortality behind."


at 22 years old

when art began