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Dianne enjoys adding dimension and her own trademarks to turn her work into a truer form of art.

She states, "If you want a photograph, enlarge it. If you want art, change it and enhance it."


As you will see, Dianne will only work from a well defined artistic photograph.

Dianne will not do exact replicas of charcoal portraits. She will always add more detail.

She refers to this as "ethereal mystery" and enjoys adding this to every piece.


Charcoal commissions start at $1,100.00 USD

A life size portrait of head/shoulders/hands is typically 16x20, and will not exceed past 24x30. This all depends upon the actual image.


All portraits are done on 100% cotton rag, acid free and pH-neutral paper.

Applicable taxes, shipping and framing are in addition to the above price.

Details, symbols, abstracts and color from pencils or pastels for charcoals are discussed prior to contract.

Once the picture has been emailed for correspondence, and the image has been accepted, a contract will be faxed.

The contract will state all details that are requested of the image.

50% (non refundable) will be due at signing through Diannes paypal account.

A 5x7 or 8x10 photocopy of the image must be mailed as well as emailed.

Just before completion, Dianne will email her rendering of the image. Any discussion can be made at that time.

Completion time for charcoals range from 2 to 3 months.